What is Reach Metaverse
December 30, 2021
CJ Tassell

Introduction to Reach Metaverse

Reach Metaverse is a platform that allows for easy creation and hosting of virtual reality metaspaces that are accessible from multiple different platforms to build an interconnected metaverse that is functional for users and creators. 

The concept of a metaverse has been around far longer than when the tech-giant Facebook rebranded to Meta. With so much new exposure to metaverses let’s be clear on what metaverse means to us. A metaverse is a collection of virtual spaces where users and creators interact very similarly to the existing internet but with more points of connection between each other. Metaspaces, similar to web pages on the current internet, are the locations that make up the metaverse. Where a user would normally view a webpage, users visit metaspaces, experiencing them almost as if they are in the webpage.

Reach Metaverse is a platform to build metaspaces which make up the metaverse, similar to how Wix is a website that builds websites. Reach gives the capability to users to create metaspaces and host those metaspaces for users of the platform to explore and interact with. Currently, multiple corporate partners use this functionality in different ways that suit their needs. While one client built a conference hall for seminars and training across the world, another built metaspaces that are being used to treat various brain injuries.

The way Reach works is that first a user builds and uploads a Unity scene with our SDK which they can make public or keep private. That metaspace can be joined via PC, Mobile, or VR and users can interact with their creation and any other users that join. Creators are able to link together multiple metaspaces to build larger and more interactive experiences for users; the limit is only their creativity. For an example, think of websites you often visit, and imagine if they were not confined to 2D limitations. When you visit a virtual shop you could see the item’s scale and texture before you purchase it to be shipped to you or imagine being able to try on an outfit virtually before ordering it. A metaverse is simply bringing some of the benefits of real world 3D experience into the virtual. 

What are we building in the Reach Metaverse

“Reach is like the highway for the metaverse but a highway is no good without cars to run on it so let’s put some of the first cars on it to show people what it can do.”

– Paesol, CEO

Our developers are creating the first world on the Reach platform. Reach’s platform is the infrastructure the metaverse can be built on and as such we are building the first open realm for users to experience. The Genesis realm consists of a large planet with our inaugural city being constructed in 3 districts. The first district is scheduled to be made public on January 31, 2022. This district will contain multiple blocks for shopping, condos, games, exploration, and more. A demo of some of the basics is currently live on the Reach platform for anyone to experience. 

NFT’s in Reach Metaverse

While NFTs are not necessary to experience Reach, they will add extra functionality to those who use them. Reach metaverse is NFT enabled by the cardano blockchain. Our NFT marketplace is accessible on our website and will be filling up with the first condos to be sold on January 10th. NFT property in the Genesis realm will be Condos to begin with, allowing users who own them to load into the world in their apartment and to have control over who has access to their space. In addition, land outside the city will be sold in 7 acre plots scheduled to be available in February for individuals to use and develop. Shops and advertising in the district will also be able to be purchased in the future. Furthermore, owners of the inaugural condos will have the added utility of early access to coming land sales.

Come explore Reach Metaverse!

PC: https://reach-metaverse.itch.io/reach-metaverse

Mobile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VEERALLC.REACH&hl=en_US&gl=US

VR(Oculus beta) : https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3203852383049066/

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