Meet The Team

A Group of Experts Behind the Wheel

We are a diverse team of experts bringing groundbreaking technology to the metaverse. This is our team, these are your partners.

Paesol Veerakitti

Paesol Veerakitti


Experienced Lead Engineer with a demonstrated history of leadership and teamwork, bringing concepts to successful products. Skilled in design and simulation tools such as SolidWorks to efficiently manage product lifecycles. Successful leader in managing a team with a Masters of Science focused in Electrical Engineering from Wright State University.

Soloman Northrop

Soloman Northrop


Designing the user interface, server backend, and core application infrastructure for Reach. As well as managing all the other underlying technical aspects of the engine and it’s various components. Has built some of the most popular GTA 5 mods such as Simple Zombies, Quicksilver, Grand Theft Space, and Spider-Man V.


Marketing Director

Experienced in customer service, sales, employee training, accounting, real estate, information technology, and account management. Demonstrated history in team management and communication skills, bringing forth the best synergy among different teams within and across organizations.


Lead Blockchain Architect/CCO

Experienced engineer with background in blockchain development, Machine Learning, AI and more. Member of the Ethereum and Cardano community to review and examine the protocols before real assets get involved.

Steven Ward


Steven Ward has 7 years of experience in Markets, including Hedgefund Trading, Brokerage, Analytics, Market Operations, Client Management and Backend Process Management. He is the creative force behind VyFinance

Regan Tassell

Social Media Manager

Overseeing and implementing company’s interactions with the public on social media platforms’ content strategies.


Data Analyst/Game Designer

Data analyst and game developer specialized in level design & development with visual scripting. Experienced in analyzing consumer data in the areas of statistical analysis and data management across a variety of systems. Skilled in extracting analytical data from databases such as CRIS-E Client Registry Information System.


Game Designer

I am as passionate about technology and what it can do as anyone you’ll ever meet. Technology will continue to change and evolve, and I want to change and evolve right along with it. This drive has led me to begin learning how to code in Python, with plans to also learn C# and Java, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Software Engineer. I want to take my ideas and the ideas of others, and turn them into something intuitive and fun to use. With the skills that I will have acquired within the next couple of years, I’m going to create things that people love to use, and that help them in their day-to-day lives. That’s where my passion lies.


Senior Writer

Experienced writer with an extensive background in the theatrical arts. Cary has worked in the industries of entertainment, law enforcement, and healthcare. Also skilled in management and team building through various management roles. Currently bringing elements of literature and pop culture together to create immersive experiences and captivating stories to the Reach Metaverse.