Reach Announces Live Metaverse Events
March 3, 2022
CJ Tassell

Dayton, Ohio, March 4th, 2022: Reach Metaverse is a platform to build, host, and connect metaspaces making up the metaverse and is powered by the Cardano blockchain. Reach supports cross-platform users on browser, PC, VR, and mobile.Reach Metaverse Trailer.

Reach is hosting a live event March 5th. Participants can attend via browser, PC, mobile, or in VR for a truly immersive way to participate. In addition to a race there will be an announcement about land sales in the Reach Metaverse and an AMA with the developers. There will be multiple races held on March 5th with the AMA  after the 3 PM EST race time. The race will feature a track around part of the western landscape of the Genesis realm.This section of the Reach Metaverse where the race will be held is currently explorable as the “West Eden Highway G1” which users can visit on any platform that supports Reach, most easily here. The winner of the race will win a condo in district 1 of Reach. Users can sign up to participate in the event on the Reach website.Owners of a condo in Reach, whether purchased from the Reach Marketplace or CNFT, will have the opportunity to win a one of a kind customizable race car NFT.Spectators to the race will have the opportunity to enjoy the race from a viewing platform and watch live stream footage as the contenders compete. The live stream will be broadcast through the districts so any users exploring those areas will also be able to follow the competition and tune into the AMA.

In the AMA with the developers the future of land sales on the Reach platform will be announced. Just like existing digital real estate the land will be listed at The discussion topics will cover the amount of land to be sold, what developing on that land will look like, price, and much more. 

Updates to the project that have made this possible include.

-Advanced locomotion systems

-Web GL browser support

-Landscape generation and connection

-Updates to the website and platform UI

-Cross-platform live stream support

How to experience live events in Reach






About Reach:

Reach Metaverse is a platform to build, host, and connect metaspaces making up the metaverse and is powered by the Cardano blockchain. Reach gives the capability to users to create metaspaces for many functional tasks and most importantly makes the spaces easily accessible for users across platforms. Currently, multiple corporate partners use this functionality in different ways that suit their needs. While one client built a conference hall for seminars and training across the world, another built metaspaces that are being used to treat various brain injuries. Interested in hosting your own live events or developing in the metaverse? Contact Reach at the “Get in Touch” section of our website

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