NFT Calendar Interview with Reach Metaverse: A Cardano Metaverse
January 27, 2022
CJ Tassell

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We are joined by CJ Tassell/Tas,  Reach Metaverse NFT – Marketing Director

Chris: Reach is not a regular artwork or game NFT. It is aimed at providing infrastructure in the metaspace. How does it all work together? Please explain.

CJ Tassell: Thanks for pointing out how we are unique in this space! Reach Metaverse is a platform that allows for easy creation and hosting of virtual reality metaspaces that are accessible from multiple different platforms to build an interconnected metaverse that is functional for users and creators. What Wix is for the internet, Reach is for the metaverse.

Creators can upload their own creations with the Unity SDK we built and create realms that are able to be linked with portals. Users can then explore these realms in VR, on their phone, on PC, or in browser. Since our platform is built for hosting metaspaces we are building the first metaverse on the platform with our Genesis realm. Our NFT condos are in that realm and are just the tip of the iceberg.

Chris: Interesting, why did you pick industries like healthcare, research, marketing, and education for your start?

CJ Tassell: We saw these industries as the ones where we could have the most impact with VR technology. Our healthcare partners are able to offer more engaging and effective therapy for their clients with our product. Researchers are able to test, change, and edit environments with ease. The ability to have hands-on training is very beneficial for educational uses. Our Marketing partner has already hired multiple developers for our platform to offer metaverse presence to their clients. 

Chris: Furthermore, what are the key offerings of the Reach NFT? How does the investor benefit from owning a Reach NFT?

CJ Tassell: The inaugural Reach Condo NFTs offer multiple benefits to their owners. First a place to call home in the metaverse. Owners will have control over whether or not their apartment is accessible and will be able to customize the way it looks. Users will also be able to display other NFTs they own in their condo even if they are from different blockchains. What good are some of those really cool collections if you can’t show them off? You will be able to display your Ethereum NFTs right next to your Cardano ones in your Condo. In terms of digital real estate, location is huge! These condos are in the center of Reach’s launching district. You will be near some of the best developments in the metaverse much like owning an apartment in downtown New York before it was developed. 

Owners of these first Condos will also gain certain benefits that are common with NFTs such as a free tokens when we release our own Reach coin. Holders will also gain early access to future land sales among other things.

Chris: How many such NFT’s will be up for sale? What will be the minting cost of each NFT?

CJ Tassell: 900 NFT’s are being sold at a cost of 50 ADA each.

Chris: Similarly, how does one buy a Reach NFT?

CJ Tassell: You can go to market.reachmetaverse and select your preferred Condo depending which building and floor and condo number you want. Then you are able to click buy and send ADA from a cardano wallet and you will receive your Condo powered by NFT-Maker. 

Chris: The NFTs are selling condos in the metaverse. What are the important features of each NFT that make them unique?

CJ Tassell: The location of each Condo is its own space in the metaverse. In the main block of the residential district there is a semi circle of the 15 condo buildings surrounding shops. Depending on which Condo you own will determine where it will be located. Like mentioned earlier users will be able to customize their condos and display your NFT’s in your condo.

Chris: You state that your Metaverse is easily scalable. What are your plans on scaling up the Reach NFT? 

CJ Tassell: Our plan for Reach to scale is for creators to build and connect their own metaspaces. Our SDK will be released at the end of February and creators will be able to upload their own unity scenes to create metaspaces on the platform. We envision reach as being a platform for many people to be able to create, share, and explore the growing metaverse and we’ve built the backend of it to allow this. By making Reach software based and platform independent we will be able to take advantage of future developments in technology to provide a great experience for our users.

Reach will be continuing to develop the Genesis realm and NFTs that are usable in that realm. We have the city we are building but are developing the continent surrounding it currently and will be developing lands on the other 3 continents on the first world. We plan on building 7 total planets that users will be able to explore and develop. We will be announcing future NFT sales so stay tuned. 

Chris: Finally, please tell your release date and time for the benefit of our readers and your potential investors.

CJ Tassell: We are having a soft launch of our District A where you can see demonstrated some of the shop functionality, game elements, driving, and voice chats in VR, PC, and mobile on the 31st of January. The District shows an example condo so you can see what you will have access too if you own one. This is accessible now on our platform but is still being developed so you might see some changes if you hop in now. 

On February 26th we are launching the first district. This will be many times larger than District A with more game elements, easter eggs, and things to explore and own. In addition NFT condo owners will have access to their condo! We will be releasing our SDK so creators can start uploading their own creations onto the Reach Platform and sharing them with friends. These releases will be on an updated version of the Reach engine built by our Chief Engineer Soloman known for his work in creating GTA 5 mods such as Simple Zombies, Quicksilver, Grand Theft Space, and Spider-Man V to name a few. This updated engine will have a building system, inventory system, friend and party systems, advanced physics system, world persistence, and more.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates

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