How to Race in Reach Metaverse
March 3, 2022
CJ Tassell

Hello, this is what you need to know about the reach race to sign up, navigate to the website and select racing live event. You will then fill out the form with your email, your preferred time slot in your Cardano address. You’ll probably want to practice before the race so you can select test drive now or join, reach on any platform where you can access it.

The controls for the car are fairly simple. WASD to move with the W and S being forward and reverse respectively. Space bar is your handbrake left shift is the boost and T will reset you at the most recent checkpoint. Be careful because, O , will reset you at the beginning of the race.

You cannot skip checkpoints. There are 12 in total with the 12th, one being the end of the race. The race will end for the first person to cross the finish line. There’s no second, third or fourth place. There’s only one winner per race. All winners will compete at the end for the final prize. Thank you and good luck racing.

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