Building the infrastructure of the Metaverse

Reach Cloud is the Wix of the Metaverse. We are building the infrastructure and first hosting service for meta spaces. Currently hosting meta spaces for the healthcare, marketing, research, and education industries.

Explore the Metaverse

“Reach is the foundation metaverses can be built on. It allows others to quickly and easily build, operate, and connect metaverses that are able to be discovered and explored”

– Paesol Veerakitti, Reach Founder

What Reach Offers


The ability to live in the metaverse via your VRheadset, computer, or phone.


The Reach platform gives users the ability to access the metaverse with full access from any device.


Easy to build platform for all users.


Reach makes creating VR spaces more accessible than it ever has been.


We make creating VR quicker and better.

What’s possible with Reach Cloud…

This metaspace went from concept to reality in a day, and it is ready to be viewed by anyone in the world from any device. It’s in VR, cross platform, and includes full social interaction. To develop something like this would normally take a skilled team weeks of work. Instead, this took one person a couple of hours. This is the power and the advantage of the Reach Cloud.


Our graphics are not defined by any particular style or  aesthetic. Creators can upload their worlds straight from Unity Engine. Simply stated, graphics are only limited by a user’s hardware.

We utilize AWS with load balancing which is proven to scale dynamically, so we can grow without having to rebuild.


“We built the Reach Cloud Engine to be able to grow as the Metaverse grows.”

– Soloman Northrop, Chief Architect

Current Revenue Generating Clients

We’ve been involved in providing concepts from medical research to police training.

Beavercreek Police Academy

Situational VR training
Brain injury patient research using VR
Developing prototype projects eg. car and wheelchairsimulators
Our Digital Agency partner

As Seen On

Places where our name is known.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

We are a diverse team of experts bringing groundbreaking technology to the metaverse. This is our team, these are your partners. 


Paesol Veerakitti


Experienced Lead Engineer with a demonstrated history of leadership and teamwork, bringing concepts to successful products. Skilled in design and simulation tools such as SolidWorks to efficiently manage product lifecycles. Successful leader in managing a team with a Masters of Science focused in Electrical Engineering from Wright State University.

Justin Powell


CEO and founder of multiple successful companies, most  notably Huntington Outdoor and Summit Locations. Experienced  in growing startups and building teams that scale.

Soloman Northrop

Chief Architect

Designing the user interface, server backend, and core application infrastructure for Reach. As well as managing all the other underlying technical aspects of the engine and it’s various components. Has built some of the most popular GTA 5 mods such as Simple Zombies, Quicksilver, Grand Theft Space, and Spider-Man V.


Marketing Director
Experienced in customer service, sales, employee training, accounting, real estate, information technology, and account management. Demonstrated history in team management and communication skills, bringing forth the best synergy among different teams within and across organizations.
Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer with demonstrated skills in developing new and unique approaches to complex problems using machine learning and blockchain technology. Worked as one of the developers and contributors for the testnet ETH network as well as tested Dapps and smart contracts and worked with errors for the official launch on the mainnet. Also minted multiple Non-fungible tokens in the Cardano Blockchain. Implement and integrate new/existing processes of the Blockchain and NFT ecosystems into the Reach Cloud Platform.


Art Director

Laura is a UX Designer and Art Director for several teams. With clients ranging from Duracell to Bridgestone, she uses her understanding of stakeholder management, art savvy, and user research tools to create unique design experiences for everyone, anywhere they are.


Graphic Artist

Interdisciplinary artist based out of Cincinnati focused on large scale sculpture and mural works. Art focuses on themes of the temporal, guerrilla art, and social interstice. Actively pushing the role of new digital media within the world of art.


Data Analyst/Game Designer

Data analyst and game developer specialized in level design & development with visual scripting. Experienced in analyzing consumer data in the areas of statistical analysis and data management across a variety of systems. Skilled in extracting analytical data from databases such as CRIS-E Client Registry Information System.


Industrial Designer

Aspiring designer whose experience comes from many disciplines. Passion for design—at scale—has driven work in multiple settings ranging from residential work in LA, healthcare in Ohio, and hospitality design in Chicago. Highly experienced with Rhino for architectural drawings. Fine Art exhibited at a gallery in Ohio. Ventured into the 2D realm via photography, sketches, and design proposals for various clients with an emphasis on collaborative design for startups. Jack is an industrial designer for our virtual worlds


Game Designer

I am as passionate about technology and what it can do as anyone you’ll ever meet. Technology will continue to change and evolve, and I want to change and evolve right along with it. This drive has led me to begin learning how to code in Python, with plans to also learn C# and Java, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Software Engineer. I want to take my ideas and the ideas of others, and turn them into something intuitive and fun to use. With the skills that I will have acquired within the next couple of years, I’m going to create things that people love to use, and that help them in their day-to-day lives. That’s where my passion lies.


Senior Writer

Experienced writer with an extensive background in the theatrical arts. Cary has worked in the industries of entertainment, law enforcement, and healthcare. Also skilled in management and team building through various management roles. Currently bringing elements of literature and pop culture together to create immersive experiences and captivating stories to the Reach Metaverse.

Let’s make it happen!

Our door is always open. We love what we do, and we welcome new opportunities. We are seeking new partnerships, and would love to answer any questions you may have.

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