Dev Talk 4
May 12, 2022
CJ Tassell


We have all sorts of new UI stuff. So I’m just going to leave here and go to the main menu here. So we’ve added, um, a new filter where you can sort by either latest, popular or your own worlds. And as you can see these little icons here indicate, okay. Um, I actually created this world. So now I have a, a user icon here.

And if I filtered to my worlds, you’ll, I will be able to see that, uh, these worlds under the, my worlds filter and then as well, latest obviously is just, you know, uh, what’s the latest, um, since I am an admin, technically I can see every world. So you guys can actually see these worlds. These are unlisted.

Um, but unlisted worlds, if they are yours and if, or if you have access to see them will be marked with an unlisted, um, icon on there, they’re a thumbnail. Um, so that’s one thing, another thing, and we kind of showcase this last time is a little bit more, um, Cool and something we’ll be looking into more is LIDAR scanned assets.

So here’s a LIDAR scan of our CEO, uh Paesol who is, uh, recording himself on his iPhone. And basically we were able to import this into a scene in unity and then upload it into our engine. So we have a LIDAR scanned, 3d assets. One of the things. That we’re going to work on is trying to get this to be automated so that you can from reach, uh, use your iPhone.

That or any phone that has a LIDAR for that matter and scan yourself or any of your digital assets to stream those over the network. Um, so that maybe let’s say you have something you want to share with your family and show them rather than describing it with words, you can just scan it with your phone and then pick it up and say, here’s what it looks like.

And then they can play with it in VR, on their phone. I think a.

So, oh yeah. Quality of life improvements, basically what it comes down to is, um, just, yeah, I think I’ve already explained we doing the filtering and then also we just added a refresh button right here. So you can actually refresh this view. That’s about it, but, um, Apart from that. Um, as you’re seeing right here, this is a Cardinal native token and yeah, we support those.

And, um, this is actually somebody sent this token to me. Um, and they’re working on a world within our metaverse or one of our early SDK users that we have on the platform. And, uh, yeah. So as we. Sort of work with this person will be able to make sure that all of the various, um, metaverse platform capabilities are up to par.

And one of those was actually supporting, uh, CNT as well as, um, tokens that don’t have any metadata, uh, as well. Yeah, thanks for watching everyone. I hope you have a blessed day.

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