Dev Talk 2
May 12, 2022
CJ Tassell

All right, so hope everybody’s doing well. This is our second development talk, where we go over what’s new and reach and what’s coming. And as you can see on my screen here, uh, the building system is in progress. And this is going to be usable on your land in, uh, west Eden. So you’ll be able to build your own structures and buildings and homes and share them with your friends.

And this is live too. So like, if, for example, let’s say you came back to this world, you would actually see this because I, this is actually saving to the cloud and I built this. So. There’s no restriction right now, but you can technically edit this, but if we linked it to the blockchain, you would not be able to, unless you own the NFTE where you’re actually building this.

So that’s one thing then the other thing is that, uh, I will just show it real quick and I’ll just start from scratch here.

The building system is basically just a simple Minecraft free mode, like building system, uh, where you just enter build mode. And then, well, right now I’m in the build menu, which is where you can select what you want to build right now. There’s only one thing, uh, that we have just for testing purposes, but, um, I can enter build mode without that I can fly around the camera.

And this works on mobile. But, uh, I can select the thing I want to build. I can also search, like if I searched for car, for example, there would be car spawners. If I own those NFTs right now, what I own is this basic pack, which only comes with the wall. So I can spawn this wall here. And, uh, I can just start building a little.

Thingy. Oops, I messed up, but if I mess up, I can actually edit this object after the fact anyways. And, uh, I can build a little thing here, make a little structure

and, uh, yeah, what’s out of doorway. So this is, uh, the variations, uh, each. Uh, can or can’t may not may or may not have variations, so you can actually it’s up to the developer to actually to specify the variation. Um, so like for example, here at color and type, they’re the same icon, but this is just testing, uh, to show you.

And they actually have both the same stuff, but if somebody came in here wanting to make like door type or, you know, whatever, they can do that and have different variations. Um, and yeah, that’s also going to save on space and download times and stuff like that, so that you can have, um, one object that represents different object types, uh, rather than having to download each individual asset.

So as you’re seeing, I just built that, but if I go over here to this tab, you’re going to see that it’s actually here as well. So, um, and I can actually enter a building. And edit that and do the same over here and make my own portions if I want it to, uh, because it’s not restricted. So both of these are synchronizing properly.

Yeah. Yeah, so you can actually build live. And then if I were to say, um, leave this instance, come to another instance, like desktop two or something, say it’s a different, completely different instance. Nobody’s in there. So I’m not like downloading something from someone else. You’ll see the, uh, well, it’s actually not saving.

Right. That’s probably my fault. But, um, If it’s actually, if the world’s actually set up properly, it will save Aaron. I’m sorry. The, uh, prefab that you are building with is set up properly. It will actually save the layout and everything and, uh, not exist forever. So, uh, if you bought NFT and you want to build on it, uh, you can do that and sell that NFT to someone else, and they’ll be able to access that, build on it and expand on what you think.

And maybe that will bring more value to your NFT as well. Um, yeah, that’s pretty much it for this week. That’s mainly what I’ve been focusing on is the build system. Um, yeah, so it doesn’t look like anybody else’s here. So other questions, so thanks for tuning in this week and hope. Have an awesome day.


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