Dev Talk 1
May 12, 2022
CJ Tassell

Hello, everyone. This is the first reach metaverse dev talk that we’re having. It’s kind of clunky and junky and whatnot. But, uh, as for the first one, obviously, you know, it’s not going to be super amazing. I put together some notes. What we’re going to go over and sort of like some of the improvements and different features that maybe even some things that are planned.

So, yeah, if you’re excited about reach and you want to see where this is going to go, it’s a lot more than just a NFT metaverse project. It’s actually, um, it’s a platform. And so as a platform, we want to make sure that this is the best possible experience for all of our creators. Um, so we’re going to be talking about some of the tools that you can use and what we have, uh, In store.

And so let’s get started. We just clap real quick. Uh, yeah. Okay. So in my notes, I just want to discuss. Probably like the newest features, um, that reach has so camera improvements. So actually I’ll just use this guy as an example. So this is actually my another version of me. And so originally the character was basically tank controls where it was just stuck in this sort of.

Movement format, but now we kind of updated it so that you can have sort of free movement in third person and then switch between first and third person pretty smoothly. You can see that camera fade, you know, there’s a little bit of a initial frame issue, but that’s easy to fix and, uh, we’ll get to that.

So yeah, overall the goal with this is to make a very, um, well-made character controller that is universally. Um, you know, usable so that when you make your world and reach, you can just use the built-in player. You don’t have to worry about programming your own character and things like that. That’s sort of the goal with, with.

Um, the other thing is a device selection volume. So there’s new device settings that you can access. So the audio settings panel, you’ll just open up this little top menu. Uh, we’re calling it the context menu, and then essentially you’ll see the third button along the left. You’ll see a. The that’s the audio settings.

It looks like a headphone with a cog. And in here you can actually change your microphone, the mic that you want to use, um, and that that’s accessible, uh, through web browser, through, um, Android and as well as through a PC, uh, obviously it’s not going to be accessible in Oculus because Oculus only has one mic.

So, uh, there’s that. And then obviously the output as well. You can adjust the master volume and you can’t change the output device. That’s just a unity limitation at the moment, but, um, we will, uh, probably support that in the future, especially, um, considering all the different, um, dev, uh, platforms that we’re supporting.

All right. The other thing is, um, basic emotes. Oh yeah. One thing I want to touch on is that. The device, um, management process like, uh, supporting all these different platforms is a little bit difficult. So sometimes bugs can get through and sometimes even. Degradations like bugs that you saw in the past that were fixed and then they come back.

Sometimes that’s just from having to support all these different platforms and you end up seeing, um, just so many different, um, bugs between across platforms. I changed things, something for one platform, it affects another platform. And sometimes that has issues. So bear with us as we, we only have like very few devs right now.

Um, actually two. It’s just me and another guy. So, um, at least programmers that is, but, um, yeah, so, uh, as we grow, of course, it’s going to get better and better. Um, And so the other thing is emotes. That’s what you saw me doing a little clapping thing and I can wave and I can thumbs up, which almost looks like he’s given the middle finger.

And then I can point. And so these are just basic emotes that we’ve added. Um, you can do those in third per parent, first person. Um, obviously we want to continue to add more emotes, um, like dancing and stuff in the future, which is really simple by the way. So it’s not as if that’s something we can’t do very quickly.

And also this would be a good opportunity to talk about the Metta prefabs. So Metta prefabs are kind of new, kind of, not really they’ve been around for a while, but we haven’t really talked about them that much. So what you’re in right now, this little world here. Hi CJ. This is a meta space. So this is basically kind of like when you joined Metta, you have different worlds or I’m sorry, not meta, but, um, what’s the mark Zuckerberg one, uh, horizon worlds, uh, basically except theirs is a little different because it’s not, uh, It’s not native.

So like it’s not hardware level worlds. They’re just basically one world that loads a bunch of different assets and an asset configuration. Whereas this is actually a, it’s actually a unity scene. Um, that’s been packaged, so all these assets are loaded in dynamically and. Stored in a sort of zip like file, um, where it can be loaded into the platform at runtime.

So it’s kind of like we’re segmenting development, um, and the sense, and we have an SDK that will be available at some point, think in Q3 or Q4, um, you can look up if you go to our website, reach, you can actually see the. The roadmap that we have planned there. And you’ll see when the SDK is supposed to be publicly available.

If you want it. Now we do have a private beta, a private beta where you can actually use it. Uh, but you’ll definitely have to contact us and we’ll see if you’ll be eligible to do that. But anyways, back to my point, my point was that, um, we are going to, um, eventually, uh, Move all of our assets to this sort of dynamic, um, Metta based, um, system where like you can download, um, asset bundle packages dynamically.

Um, and what I mean by that is that you see this menu up here, um, is actually. That is a meta prefab. So I could actually go in unity right now and I could change that and I could upload just simply that, um, asset to our server. And then that would update for everybody without them having to re-install the entire application.

So it’s really powerful. Um, and it helps us to increase development time or sorry, decreased development time. Um, Almost exponentially. It seems like at least that’s from my experience. Um, Yeah, that’s something that we’re working on. And then as you can see this, um, world’s pretty empty, but yeah, there’s supposed to be a thing over here, but it’s okay.

Uh, that that’s not working right now. That’s something new that I want to talk about as well, but. Um, for the most part, this world’s pretty empty, but if you go into some of our other worlds, like district one district a you’ll see, um, a lot of the Metta prefabs that we’re using, like the cars and district one are actually met.

Prefabs they’re not in the scene. Um, that peso uploaded they’re actually. Downloaded from our server and then spawned in the game. And then also if you go to, um, the Eden continent, you can see that you’ll see west Eden on the front page. You can see that, and then you’ll be able to actually, um, see those vehicles and some of the other stuff, like the platform that you spot on, all of that is a Metta pre-fab.

So it’s really cool. Um, Yeah, so that’s going to help developers and stuff. Um, and like I said, we have an SDK for unity and obviously eventually we’ll support, um, like in game building similar to Metta. But, um, right now that’s, that’s off the table right now, at least. Um, but at some point we will support that.

Um, Yeah, the chat system. So really very basic chat system. Um, really, it’s nothing fancy. It’s basically just a simple, like you send a message and you can actually see a, there’s both a ghost version and sort of a normal version. Um, we just added this so that people who don’t have a mic can just chat there’s no like global chat or anything like that.

Yeah. Thanks CJ. And so it’s just a simple room chat. Um, you can’t view history right now, but, uh, that’s easy to add. It’s just, there are other things that are more pressing. Um, so yeah, that’s one of the things that we’ve added. Um, I think it adds a lot of, you know, utility to the, to the app a little bit for people.

I don’t have a mic and that can’t especially on their phone. So if I just go like this, for example, my shrink, my thing too, like mobile size, you’ll actually see that the, the chat is sized in such a way where it’s easy to sort of, you know, um, type there on a phone. Um, So that way, if you’re on a phone, you don’t have a mic or you want to meet yourself, you can just chat instead.

So yeah, there’s a chat and then obviously the mic system. So you’re seeing my mouth move here. Um, yeah. Awesome. Mobile. And then, so let me see if I can volume mix this. Yeah. Yeah. So now you’re probably gonna hear it. You hear an echo, but what you’re actually, what you’re actually hearing is me, uh, uh, talking opine number over the network and that right now.

Um, and I can actually, I can actually join your browser real quick. Let’s see. Let’s see.

And I’ll show you and show you that it’s essentially cross flat cross platform. That’s the point of what I’m trying to show here, trying to show here. So you’ll see this little location here. You can hit join, join. And so now you’re hearing me twice because I need to meet those needs this. Oops. Oops.

Yes. So now I’m on right now on browser. And you’re hearing me, you’re hearing me just like you, just like you see it on PC that’s because, because we are one of the that have a completely cross-platform microphone handler that may sound like really stupid. Like why can’t I just have a mic and use it, but from a programming perspective, all the different, um, device hardware.

You know, stuff, some of them don’t support multithreading some of them do, um, web browser in particular does not support like multithreading and web GL, at least in unity for the most part. I mean, you can make your own little roll, your own little system, but. But, yeah. So just in general, this idea of a completely cross platform, microphone handling system, still in the works, obviously there’s no echo cancellation.

So somebody on mobile could probably ruin a conversation between multiple people. If they’re not careful because the, uh, the mic picks up feedback. Um, but that’s something that can be worked on. But, uh, other than that, we are, uh, completely S so our focus is to be entirely cross-platform having the ability to support any device and have a similar, if not the same experience on any device, uh, including, you know, VR headsets and PC and stuff like that.

Um, So, yeah, there’s that, that’s the mic system and across platform capabilities there. And you’re also seeing my mouth move. That’s not new, that’s just, um, that was in the old mic system. Um, but it’s working and that’s really cool, I think. Um, so yeah. Um, I guess I could touch on a few other things that I didn’t know.

Because there’s nobody here except CJ. Hopefully next time we get more people and we kind of announced it pretty late. So it was not, um, was not, uh, yeah. Was not super organized, but one of the things that is probably pretty important is, uh, the building system didn’t really. Go over that too much, but I do have my wallet linked up here, so I can actually preview that it’s not fantastic or anything, but as you’re seeing right now, I’m actually in build mode.

And this is also, this works on mobile as well. And I can actually, if, if this were a buildable, like location, I could actually take this wall and I could place it there. And you’ll see it’s grid snapping right now. So that it’s. Easy to use, I guess. Um, and then, you know, there’ll be all sorts of different wall variations.

So you’ll have like doorway window, you know, whatever. Um, so you can create your walls and then also we’ll have furniture as well for people who want to decorate their condo with stuff like that. But yeah, that’s the built system. It’s pretty. Uh, pretty easy to understand, uh, yeah, I can exit that. And this is also linked up to my wallet, my crypto wallet.

So you’re seeing there the asset name, the, um, policy, um, that you’re getting there. And this is, uh, based on an asset. It’s not actually a wall. I just put it there, but it kind of gives you the idea that we can actually use our Mehta prefabs that I was talking about previously and link them to car Dano, uh, stuff, and actually use the, that as a way to build and to spawn things in the world, as well.

As, you know, once we link up the vehicles here, you’ll be able to just click the thing and it will spawn your vehicle in front of you, um, or at the nearest vehicle spot. Yup. And then let’s see. Yeah, I think that’s really it. And so if anybody has stuff that they’d like to see in the future, definitely email us, you know, uh,

If you want to get us, get our PR team. Definitely email us with suggestions or hit us on discord and the general chat. Um, our discord is on our website. If you go to reach, you can see the discord link. If you just scroll down to the middle of the page and yeah, we’re excited to see. Where we go with the app.

Um, we’re continuing to grow. We’re just a very small team. Of course. We’re not going to be able to compete with like reach or I’m sorry, with, uh, Metta or let’s say something like VR. Or, you know, others, but we’re trying to go in our own direction. We’re trying to sort of make a metaverse and yeah. So hopefully you can join us on that ride.

Oh yeah. Last thing I, I, yeah, exactly. Hey, the emojis are working. That’s cool. I didn’t know that, but, um, last thing I want to touch on before I go is the. GlTF N G L B model loading. It’s not working right now. I don’t, I don’t particularly know why, but, um, yeah, if it was, you would be able to see a, a house over there, but we do support glTF and GLB files.

And I can actually show that by tricking my, my system here. Um, I think so if I edit my avatar, um, I’m going to get that link for you real quick. And I’m going to, and this is not going to be something you can do in the future, but just for right now for testing purposes, I can actually become a GLP file.

And, uh, yeah, so we will be supporting, um, GLB file. And so this will work on anything. So as you can see, what you’re looking at right now is actually a scan of one of our developers rooms. And, um, eventually in the future, you’ll be able to scan your own assets and then import them into reach. And, yeah. So if you wanted to, let’s say, make a meeting room with your friends, but you wanted it to take place in your actual room.

You’d be able to scan that and. Bring it into the metaverse and you’ll be able to interact with your friends in these kinds of like real life environments. So that’s something where we are removing boundaries from people and helping them to communicate. Um, the other thing is that we, as we support GLB we also support, you know, GLB based avatar.

So what you’re seeing ready player Mia is actually just one of the avatar systems we use, but, uh, eventually we’ll support multiple. So you’ll be able to bring in other. 3d models. Like, you know, if you want to be Batman or something like that, um, you can do that if you have a GLB file and eventually you’ll be able to use Sketchfab as well.

So that will be kind of cool. Yeah. So there’s a lot planned there. Um, but yeah, just to not go too deep into what we are, we are planning, you can of course see our roadmap for that. Um, but yeah. So last thing I want to show that is not really. New feature necessarily. Um, let me just fix my avatar, actually.

Let’s see.

And then I’m going to join into west Eden

and I’m going to go to the beach.

Yep. And then I’m going to jump in this boat here. So this is a definitely experimental, and even you can, you can even see the unity asset logo, um, which whatever, I mean, it’s fine. Um, yes, we use unity assets to help us, but obviously we modify them. But yeah. Anyways, I’m driving a boat right now in the metaverse.

That’s really cool. And you can do this in VR and on mobile and on web as well. So that’s our goal is to make everything, you know, super fun and uh, oh, you can see CJ dry. Oh, wait, no, wait, that’s me driving that boat, I guess. Um, But, yeah. So yeah, we’re, we’re trying to add all sorts of different, uh, traversal mechanisms.

This was not supposed to be a game, um, at this point in our development process, but we added it because it was really easy to add. Um, And yeah, so, yeah. So yeah, please join the metaverse. Our metaverse support us by buying our NFTs. Um, we’re doing a land sell here soon, and you’ll be able to own some of the land here.

Um, let’s see if I rejoined the map, I can actually show some.

Yeah. So all those hexes you see down there, those are going to be available and FTS that you can use our build system that I showcased, remember that, um, and you can build your own little house or whatever you want on. Um, so yeah, enjoy that. And, uh, hopefully you can support us in that way. All of those funds really help us for, um, advertising for assets that we need, uh, for development time as well.

Uh, paying our developers is really important to us. So yeah. So, thank you so much for watching this and, uh, yeah. Hope you have an awesome week.

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