Building the infrastructure of the Metaverse

Reach Cloud is the Wix of the Metaverse. We are building the infrastructure and first hosting service for meta spaces. Currently hosting meta spaces for the healthcare, marketing, research, and education industries.

Explore the Metaverse On Any Platform

Please log into the Oculus website before opening the Oculus store page. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to view the store page.

IOS – TestFlight Beta and please use Chrome or Firefox. (Safari is not suppported yet)

What Reach’s Architecture Offers

Platform Agnostic

Reach does not depend on any specific platform, and can be accessed through iOS, Android, PC , VR and Web.

Built On the Cardano Blockchain

The Reach application can utilize Cardano technology to produce experiences that interact with the blockchain. 

High Quality Virtual Experiences

Reach offers the quality virtual experiences to all of our users.


Purchase and interact with your NFTs in-app.

Metaverse Quicker and Better

As a platform, Reach can help you build virtual experiences fast and efficiently.

Link Cardano supported Wallets with ease

We support Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus, Gero,  and Eternl, etc. (Please find the instructions on the respective websites).

Partners and Projects Building on Reach

We’ve been involved in providing concepts from medical research to police training.

Accelerator Program/Partner
Virtual Training and Remote Conferences
VR Simulations Project
Digital Agency partner
Brain injury patient research using VR

Beavercreek Police Academy


Situational VR training

Reach Cloud Hosting Subscription Service Fees

If you’re interested in builing your own metaverse space on our platform, you can right now! Here’s a basic overview of our service charges. We also offer a free version of the Reach SDK, please contact us for more information.

We’re Social

Make sure you join our Discord for exclusive info on our platform and events, and for an awesome community!

Reach Platform Roadmap


  • Reach Cloud Launch✅


  • Reach Metaverse Alpha✅
  • Cardano Wallet Linking✅
  • Unity SDK Private Beta✅
  • Web GL Support✅
  • In app NFT Support✅
  • Premium Condo NFTs sale✅
  • Open for Partnerships✅


  • Inventory System✅
  • Reach 2 engine Alpha✅
  • Open for Partnerships✅
  • Community Events✅


  • Token Announcements✅
  • Reach 2 Beta✅
  • Reach Metaverse Beta✅
  • Land NFT sale✅
  • Metaspace Builder Beta
  • Multi-Wallet Support✅
  • Expand Team✅


  • Integrated Reach Wallet
  • SDK Public Access
  • New Interface
  • Open for Partnerships
  • Multiple Blockchain support


  • Metaspace Builder improvements
  • Cross-Chain improvements
  • more to come...

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Get In Touch

Our door is always open. We love what we do, and we welcome new opportunities. We are seeking new partnerships, and would love to answer any questions you may have.