Building the Infrastructure of

Virtual Worlds

REACH Explorer is a platform that enables users to create and host virtual spaces, much like Wix does for websites. Our infrastructure is specifically designed to support shared virtual worlds, and our cloud-based hosting services cater to various industries, including healthcare, marketing, research, and education.


What We Offer


REACH Explorer does not depend on any specific platform, and can be accessed through Android, PC , VR and Web. (Performance/Support depends on the Platform)

High Quality Virtual Experiences

Our SDK (powered by Unity) allows you to build AAA experiences.

Build Quicker and Better

Our goal is to make virtual shared experiences easier to make. Our SDK enables users to quickly develop high quality content for your audience.

Custom Scripting

Want custom functionality that is nearly impossible without scripting? Our SDK supports custom scripting using Javascript (on all platforms).

Cloud Hosted

Rather than you having to spend the countless hours and money it requires to host assets and multiplayer servers, Reach Cloud Services does this for you.


REACH Explorer provides robust support for linking in-world assets and functionality to the blockchain.

Partners and Projects

We’ve been involved in providing concepts from medical research to police training.

Revolutionizing Virtual Rehabilitation
Accelerator Program/Partner
Virtual Training and Remote Conferences
VR Simulations Project
Digital Agency partner
Brain injury patient research using VR

Timeline / Roadmap

What we’re working on, and have finished.


Reach Cloud Founded



REACH Explorer Pre-Alpha ✅

Cardano Wallet Linking. ✅

NFT Support. ✅

Unity SDK Private Beta. ✅

Web GL Support. ✅

Premium Condo NFTs Sale. ✅

Open for Partnerships. ✅


Token Announcements ✅

REACH Explorer Beta ✅

Land NFT Sale ✅

In-App Builder Open Beta ✅

Multi-Wallet Support ✅

Expand Team ✅


View Blockchain Assets (Inventory) ✅

REACH Explorer Alpha ✅

Open for Partnerships ✅

Community Events ✅


SDK Public Access ✅

New User Interface ✅

Open for Partnerships ✅

Crosschain Support ✅



Metaspace Builder Improvements✅

Cross-Chain Improvements✅

Dashboard Launch✅

Building Improvements✅

Scalability and Security Improvements✅


Token Launch-TGE

Reach NFT Staking/ Rewards System

FPS Game Demo

Friends/ Communication System✅

Feature Improvements/ Intractability✅

Community Events


Point Cloud Streaming

Community Events Calander

Cross-Chain Improvements

Creator Rewards System Upgrades

Open for Partnerships


Mac Support

Expand to More Platforms

AR Introduction

Builder Upgrades

Open for Partnerships

More to Come…

Hosting Subscription

If you’re interested in building your own space on our platform, you can right now! We also offer a free version of the SDK, please contact us for more information.

Get In Touch

Our door is always open. We love what we do, and we welcome new opportunities. We are seeking new partnerships, and would love to answer any questions you may have.

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